Group therapy offers the opportunity to learn about ourselves through our interactions with others. It can help us gain confidence, develop assertiveness and improve our relationships. In a confidential, supportive environment, we explore the patterns which hold us back from intimacy, or make us feel down or anxious.


Upcoming group: 

Dalston and Hackney Therapy Group: Making Space for You

  • Do you struggle to make space for yourself in the week?

  • Do you feel like you spend a lot of your time supporting or caring for others, e.g. as a parent, friend, therapist, health professional or partner?

  • Would you value a regular space in your schedule to explore your own needs, think about your relationships, and help you establish a sense of balance? 

The Dalston and Hackney Therapy Group is starting a new weekly group: Making Space for You. From October 2019, members will meet weekly on Thursday mornings, working alongside two experienced therapists: Emily White and Lucy Watt. 

This group will be an opportunity for you to connect with others, and learn how to be more authentic and open within these and other relationships. In a safe and trusting environment, you will meet other people who are experiencing similar issues to you. The group is there to support and gently challenge you, helping you grow in the ways you’d like to.

When we focus our energy on the needs of others, in our jobs or our personal lives, we can lose touch with our own feelings, needs and wishes, and sometimes even with our sense of self. The Making Space for You group will give you the unusual opportunity to have the time and space to connect, or reconnect, with the parts of yourself that may have become neglected or hidden. 

We hear more and more about the importance of self care but, when we are busy, self-care can be hard to put into practice. We are better able to be there for others when we are already caring for ourselves; you can’t give from an empty bottle. This therapy group is a space for you to reconnect with yourself, find balance, and improve your relationships as a consequence. 

We are recruiting now for the term starting on 10th October 2019. Please get in touch to arrange an initial assessment to secure your place:

Lucy Watt – / 07599 619109

Emily White – / 07706 886207

Please note that we only have 8 places so if you are interested we recommend getting in touch with us asap. We will have a waiting list, should you be unable to join in October. 

The group will run from E8 Therapy on Kingsland Road, near Dalston Junction station.

It will be held on Thursdays, 9.30am to 11am. The fee is £30 per 1.5 hour session, paid in five-session blocks.