A growing body of research into successful therapy has shown that a good relationship between client and therapist is the essential factor. This relationship is at the heart of Relational Transactional Analysis, the theoretical school in which I am trained. It is the relationship that forms the base from which clients can explore and confront difficult feelings and experiences and gain the confidence that they will survive them.

At times, I will use the dynamics in our relationship to help you understand other relationships in your life, past and present. Some of our work together will focus on the here-and-now. At other times, we may explore how past experiences affect you today. You can expect the sessions to be client-led and collaborative; they may at times be challenging, but you are always in control of what you share.

My experience has taught me that each person’s therapeutic needs differ. I therefore work flexibly and creatively, tailoring my approach to what you need from the work. I draw upon a variety of disciplines and therapeutic tools. I am particularly influenced by body psychotherapies, such as somatic experiencing and sensorimotor psychotherapy, and the person-centred tradition. This means we may pay attention to your physical experiences, as well as to your thoughts and feelings, and I that I will prioritise congruence, non-judgement and empathy as core conditions for our work.

Sessions are weekly and at the same time each week. Each meeting lasts 50 minutes.

I work with adults – both individuals and couples. The therapy can be time-limited or open-ended. I also run therapeutic groups.

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